Welcome Patriots and III%

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Fellow Texans…

Are you tired of sitting around Facebook wondering what the hell you can possibly do to change the way our country is going? Are you literally screaming at the top of your lungs for someone to do something? To stand with you?

You cant change politics, We cant change politics. Votes are accomplishing nothing. Neither are petitions and protests. All we can do now is prepare and be ready for whatever comes our way. You need to learn, and you need to train. If you are already doing so, you need to teach these things to others.

How do you do this? Well if you are in Texas, you join us…. the State’s largest Militia. Come to teach, come to learn, come to train. Be the best you can, and become prepared. We are made up of all races and walks of life, all skills and industries. Everyone is beneficial, even if you think you don’t have a skill to provide. As a Constitutional Militia, we are not anti-government. Without government, you only have chaos. We are however, all for a limited and controlled government as it is meant to be.

We have launched a recruiting initiative. We are a Constitutional Militia. We abide by the Founding documents of our country and our state. We are here if needed and called up by the great State of Texas. We will not take the first action, but we will be there to meet illegal force with legal force, wherever that illegal force may come, for we have an Oath to Uphold.

We do not charge any types of fees. However, we do require you purchase items as you are able, such as a side arm, AR-15 or similar rifle, ammo, as well as multi-cam gear, clothing & food. You will also need standard camping gear for weekend training. We can help point you towards the best cost solutions. We can also point you towards the best ranges in many areas for additional target practice in between FTX weekends.

The Texas Citizens Militia is a nondiscriminatory Constitutional organization. Both U.S. Constitution and Texas Constitution are honored and followed, it is our Oath, these we will defend. We operate in accordance first and foremost with Texas State Law. If you are interested in standing beside your patriot brothers & sisters to uphold the Constitution please feel free to submit and application, view-able to you after registering here on our site, and a Commanding Officer for your area will be in contact with you shortly. You must be at least 18 years old with no felonies to join the militia, but the policy does not affect membership of the website.

We are all over Texas, we are Everywhere in Texas. We are the largest Militia in Texas now. We are growing extremely fast. Simply choose the area closest to you, and fill out the application..

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